Best Boston bartenders


These are the men and women who make our lives worth living. They mix a great drink, pour a beer with a proper head, ask us how we’ve been, and generally make us feel like we’re in the world’s best-stocked living room.

Dylan Black – Green Street

Dave Cagle – Deep Ellum

Jackson Cannon – Eastern Standard

John Gertsen – Drink, No. 9 Park Group

Scott Holliday – Rendezvous

Misty Kalkofen – Drink

Scott Marshall – Drink

Kevin Martin – Eastern Standard

Todd Maul – Clio

Joe McGuirk – Highland Kitchen

Andy McNees – Toro

Josey Packard – Drink

Reggie St. Paul – The Blue Room

Trina Sturm – Trina’s Starlite Lounge

Max Toste – Deep Ellum

Honorary members

Brother Cleve – former bartender, key influence

Ben Sandrof

Tom Schlesinger-Guidelli

Patrick Sullivan – founder, B-Side Lounge