Searching for stores whose booze selections go beyond 72 flavored vodkas? Here’s a handy list — compiled directly from the comments of savvy drinkboston readers — of retailers of spirits and other ingredients you need to make classic and classic-inspired cocktails. Think rye whiskey, amari, Haus Alpenz liqueurs, various bitters, falernum, Old Tom gin, rum agricole, shrub, good vermouth and a lot of other stuff that’s otherwise hard to find. Got any worthy additions to the list? Make your case at drinkboston at comcast dot net. And by the way, most of these places have great beer and wine selections, too. Cheers!

Package stores

Atlas Liquors – Medford

Ball Square Fine Wines & Liquors – Somerville

Bauer Wine & Spirits – Boston

BRIX Wine Shop – Boston (2 locations)

Cirace & Son – Boston

Dave’s Fresh Pasta – Wine Shop – Somerville

Downtown Wine & Spirits – Somerville

Gordon’s Wines & Liquors – Waltham, Watertown

Julio’s Liquors – Westborough

Kappy’s Liquors – Medford

Liquor Land – Boston

Liquor World – Cambridge

Mall Discount Liquor & Wines (Cambridge Wine & Spirits) – Cambridge

Marty’s Liquors – Newton

Wine & Cheese Cask – Somerville

Wine Emporium – Boston (2 locations)

Wine Gallery – Boston, Brookline

Cocktail equipment & non-alcoholic ingredients

The Boston Shaker – Somerville

Misc – exotic juices, botanicals, etc.

Artemisia Botanicals & Witches’ Weeds – Salem

Christina’s Spice & Specialty Foods – Cambridge

Super 88 (multiple locations)

… and check out your neighborhood Brazilian, Caribbean, Latin-American, Asian and Italian food stores.