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October 30th, 2014

Something that happened in Los Angeles after too much mezcal


OK, there was a fair amount of wine involved, too. And in the beginning, pisco. At the very end, there might’ve been a Hanky Panky.

Had there not been photographic evidence of me pinky-swearing with three other lapsed bloggers that we would post something on our respective sites by the end of October (and at least once a month thereafter, so they tell me), I would’ve merrily boarded a plane back to Boston from a little trip to LA and thought, ‘Wasn’t that a fun, consequence-free get-together with some West Coast friends! Tra-la-la-la!’

And then… Facebook. And the pinky-swear evidence. And lots of tagging of those present at the pinky-swearing and chiming in of those who were not present but who posted pictures of their own pinkies so that they could join the Great Cocktail Blogger Revival of 2014. (Hello, RumDood and Liquid Muse.) Damn you all. Especially Jake Parrott, who instigated the whole ceremony with his jab that a drinks blogger is “someone who does not write about cocktails on the Internet.”

Daniel Djang, a.k.a. Thirsty in LA, does not belong in that category — he still blogs all the damn time — but he offered his pinky just ’cause he happened to be there. Naturally, he was first to complete the October assignment. Next among the remaining trio of truly lapsed bloggers was Ron Diggity, a.k.a. LushAngeles (still one of the greatest blog handles ever). Chuck Taggart of Looka! at the Gumbo Pages has posted twice since the swearing, although he apparently has something more up his sleeve to complete the assignment. Still, technically, I finish last.

Not only that, I win the Most Lapsed Blogger award. I didn’t post for two and a half years! Then, earlier this year, I re-lit the OPEN sign for a pop-up, if you will: two posts about my recently published book. But that was way back in May. Boston friends keep asking me, ‘So, what are you going to do with drinkboston, anyway?’ And I’m like, ‘Mmm, nothing. Probably.’ Hey, this post isn’t even about a Boston bar, or a new cocktail or spirit, or anything useful. It’s about me talking about blogging. For the love of god, why are you even reading this?


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