July 7th, 2009

Drinkboston in NOLA … and Wellfleet!

Just a quick post before I leave on a Jet Blue plane for New Orleans and my third annual stint at the booziest convention in the known universe, Tales of the Cocktail. I’ll be tweeting (yes, I finally took up microblogging) and posting during the festivities — my posts will appear here and on the official Tales Blog. (See my preview post on Sunday’s hangover seminar.) So check back over the next few days, y’all.

I hear this a lot during the days leading up to Tales: Am I going to be able to get a decent drink in Boston that week? Yes, don’t worry. It’s true that a lot of industry folk from Boston participate, but they don’t all go at the same time, or for the whole time. There will still be talent behind the stick at most if not all of the best cocktail-centric Boston bars.

happy-oyster-showMeanwhile, starting this Sunday, July 12, drinkboston guest blogger Scott N. Howe will be performing in the Happy Oyster Spectacular Show at the Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater (WHAT) in Wellfleet, Cape Cod (whose oysters kick southern oysters’ ass — sorry New Orleans). The premise of this part-live, part-video comedy that Scott co-wrote: “Two Wellfleet oystermen, Hewlett Packard and Pitney Bowes, host a variety show featuring live sketches, video, musical performances, and segments on oysters, clams, experimental theater, lyme disease, documentary filmmaking and dog poop.”

I will unfortunately still be in NOLA for the first show, but luckily there are five more running through August 23. Scott and his troupe are funny people, so if you’re looking for some laughs in the outer Cape this summer, check it out. (Buy tix here.)

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4 Responses to “Drinkboston in NOLA … and Wellfleet!”

  1. Matthew

    Not that I don’t believe Lauren (I do) but does anyone know who from drink will be attending? I know Misty is going and I assume John is as well, but are Josey and Ben holding down the fort?

  2. Tina S

    Re: NOLA and TOTC – Ms. Desrosiers and Mr. Yarm just eloped in the Big Easy!!! Am going to connect with them to celebrate. Sure I’ll see you around 🙂

  3. ljclark

    Tina — no way! Congrats you crazy kids! Hope to cross paths with you.

    Matthew — John G. is at Drink most of this week except for Saturday night. Misty, Josey and Ben are here in NOLA, though Josey will return Friday, I believe.

  4. Patrick

    Congratulate Misty on the great piece in bon appetit. Tremendous Q&A and hot photo!!! Have a blast in New Orleans.


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