August 12th, 2008

Holliday returns

Scott Holliday, RendezvousOne of the first “best Boston bartender” profiles I did on this site was of Scott Holliday, who then worked at Chez Henri. In addition to being a fine bartender and an intelligent guy, Scott is a founding member of the Jack Rose Society, a mini-guild of Boston-area bar professionals serious about resurrecting vintage cocktails and superior, non-preening service. (Scott could be described as the anti-Tom Cruise.) The JRS’ research into historic recipes, ingredients and techniques, in fact, guided the creation of some Boston-area cocktail menus — those at Eastern Standard and Green Street, for example — that are considered standard-bearers of classic mixology nationwide.

After a nearly two-year sojourn in California and Montreal, Scott is once again tending bar in Cambridge. Hallelujah! He is no longer at Chez Henri, where the estimable Rob Kraemer assumed Scott’s duties on the stick, but at Rendezvous, the Western Mediterranean-inspired restaurant that chef Steve Johnson opened a few years back. Scott is weaving his knowledge and skills into the drink program there, so pay him a visit and enjoy an evening at yet another Boston-area bar out to make a name for itself.

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6 Responses to “Holliday returns”

  1. pinky g

    I recommend a Boutonniere at the R’ bar – made with Apple brandy and St-Germain. (Recipe, Scott?) And speaking of, is this some sort of strange promotional photo for it?

  2. ljclark

    Thanks for the tip, PInky. I totally stole the pic from Scott’s Facebook page.

  3. Frederic

    I second the Boutonniere recommendation. We reviewed that and the Family Jewels (a Bijou made with rye) in the CocktailVirgin blog last week (the reviews have the recipes as well).

  4. tina

    I popped in yesterday on the way home from work to see Scott after reading this post and had a very yummy George Washington Smash. The best part is eating the maraschino cherry at the end (which, I was thrilled to find, Scott makes in-house!). I’m definitely splitting my post-work bar schedule between Green St. and Rendezvous now. I think I’m going to die once Craigie St. moves to the neighborhood, too…

  5. MC Slim JB

    I managed to enjoy this great bartender’s very fine hospitality just the other night, and I *thought* he looked familiar from somewhere, just not at Rendezvous’s bar. I didn’t think to ask him where he came from. Nice to have him back!

  6. holliday

    I’m astounded so many people actually noticed I’ve slunk back into town. The appreciation flows very much in both directions – Cambridge is a great, great place to work my craft. Thank you all for being such dear friends and appreciative patrons. As for being called the “anti-Tom Cruise”, well, first I’d like to thank the academy …

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