October 17th, 2008

Food & Wine (and booze!) Fest on the Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard Food & Wine FestI’m heading to the Martha’s Vineyard Food & Wine Festival this weekend to host a new session for the event called Bringing Back the Cocktail Hour. As the MVFWF website puts it, I’ll “lead a discussion on the lost art of making and enjoying classic cocktails.” Got my homemade grenadine, a bottle of Peychaud’s and a copy of Embury, so that’s a good start. Oh, I also had to bring my own Old Overholt Rye, as the festival organizers informed me that there was no rye to be found on the island (!). Well, if that isn’t a sure sign that the MVFWF needs a cocktail session, I don’t what is.

I’ll be mixing up two vintage cocktails, as well as two vintage-inspired cocktails created by Boston mixologists. For the former, a classic Martini (3:1 gin to dry vermouth, dash of orange bitters, lemon twist) and a Ward Eight (hey, there’s an election upon us). For the latter, a Can-Can (by LUPEC Boston) and a Ninth Ward (by Brother Cleve). Damn, I’m making myself thirsty. If any drinkbostonians happen to be at Bringing Back the Cocktail Hour, say hello!

And check out the Vineyard Gazette’s preview of my session and the rest of the Festival.

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3 Responses to “Food & Wine (and booze!) Fest on the Vineyard”

  1. (S)willing Salutarian

    Great mention in the MV Gazette…used to get it every week, even after I stopped summering on the island. Kinda cool to see an old highschool classmate writing an article on a person whom I much admire.

  2. Adam

    Nice to hear about the correct classic martini formula … I’ve certainly not forgotten that debate from a couple of months ago 🙂

  3. ljclark

    Thanks, SS. Woo, Adam, let’s not go there.

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