April 27th, 2011

Props from the Improper

I’m tickled to be included in the annual “beloved bartenders” issue of the Improper Bostonian, which celebrates its 20th birthday this year. The profile refers to me as the “thinker’s drinker” and a “curator for Boston’s spirited zeitgeist.” Finally, someone who loves me for my brains, not just my liver.

Managing Editor Nick Altschuller, who conducted the interview, was doing double duty that day — he suggested we meet for midday drinks as he was in the midst of research for his column about embarking on a one-man revival of the martini lunch. (Nice reference to the notebook, Nick.)

Among the bartenders profiled are two of my personal faves: Emma Hollander of Trina’s Starlite Lounge and Evan Harrison of Deep Ellum. Congrats to them and all the other slingers who made this year’s cut!

Let me also heap praise upon the photographer who took this pic, Adam DeTour.

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9 Responses to “Props from the Improper”

  1. Frederic

    The 3 Martini lunch of yesterday would be the 1 1/2 Martini Lunch of today. Martinis at restaurants no longer fit into cute 3-4 oz glasses anymore. Not to mention that they had vermouth and gin in them back then.

  2. Todd

    Congrats, Well deserved, don’t let it go to your liver

  3. MC Slim JB

    Congratulations, and nice pic, too! Completely agree with your faves among the Improper picks, which (predictably, I guess) includes too many folks touting flavored-vodka junk as their signature cocktails. On a side note, I think I want to change my surname to Altschuler; it’s kinda gangster in a very Old World way.

  4. Oldscholar

    A man who calls himself MC Slim JB wants a name that’s MORE gangster?

    Glad you liked the piece, Lauren.

    Lovely day today, people. Happy meals on me tonight.

    Nick (Altschuller)

  5. ljclark

    Fred: Correct on all counts.
    Todd: It already has.
    Slim: I feel your pain. And Nick has a good point.
    Nick: Thanks again for the coverage — and the drink!

  6. MC Slim JB

    Ah, but mine is just a youthful lark that only accidentally morphed into my food writing nom de plume. My actual surname might politely be described as pedestrian.

  7. Bill

    And a julep cup in the pic. Love it.

  8. Leslie

    Love your glasses… What brand are they?

  9. ljclark

    Thanks, Leslie. Got ’em at See.

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