September 30th, 2009

Lonely Planet discovers drinkboston

lonely-planet-bostonI’ve used Lonely Planet’s travel guides on various trips, but never have I actually appeared in/written for one — until now.

Mara Vorhees, a Somerville resident who wrote the 2009 edition of Lonely Planet’s Boston City Guide, cold-called drinkboston a little while ago to see if I wanted to write a sidebar for the guide’s Drinking section. Uh, does a cold martini taste good at 5:00 p.m? Called “The ‘Boston’ Cocktail Mystery,” the sidebar riffs off of a post I once wrote about the curious hodgepodge of vintage cocktails with “Boston” in their name. Mara was also nice enough to mention me in the section’s intro as an expert on the local drinking scene. Neat.

There’s a lot of good stuff in this guide, even if you’re a local. For $17.99, it’s worth keeping around the house for when out-of-towners come to visit. Especially if they happen to be fond of drink.

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9 Responses to “Lonely Planet discovers drinkboston”

  1. Michael Dietsch

    Hey, that’s supercool.

  2. pinky g.

    Perfect! Been thinking about getting a guide to keep around for house guests. Congrats!

  3. lantheaume

    Nice! How fun!

    Now all visitors to Boston have to do is come to, click on the “Best Bars” link at the top, and plan their trip!

    Done and done.

  4. Saucy Sureau

    Well done! Next up, the NFT Guide?

  5. ljclark

    I can only hope, Saucy! Thanks, y’all.

  6. Patrick

    That’s really cool Lauren, congratulations.

  7. Paul Irish

    Congrats! totally rad.

  8. dave

    Yes. (that’s in response to the question in the post)

    Congrats on the write-up. A travel guide for the home town I’ll have to pick up.

  9. MC Slim JB

    Congrats: well deserved! Lonely Planet has always been my favorite of the big-name tourist books, the best at guiding travelers off the beaten path, with the best historical/cultural tutorials.

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