February 13th, 2009

Un-Valentine’s Day

Ken and BarbieSt. Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. Eeccchhhh. Don’t get me wrong. Romance? Love it. But V-Day? C’mon — it’s probably the least romantic day of the year.

Whatever you do, do NOT get stuck going out to dinner at a fancy restaurant, where you’ll only get depressed observing a sad parade of couples overpaying for an evening of forced romance, while various Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus relationship scenarios play out beneath the surface. If you’re an imbiber, and you feel compelled to celebrate this day with your love, stroll down some unbeaten path where, if you’re lucky, romance will sneak up and find you. At the very least, you’ll have a good time. Suggestions:

  • Go to a dive bar in your neighborhood — walk there — and drink shots of whiskey and long-neck Buds.
  • Go to a sports bar and watch the Celts or Bruins on a giant TV while eating burgers and drinking Harpoon.
  • Go online and try to get a last-minute deal on a hotel downtown. If you manage that coup, have a large pepperoni pizza delivered to your room, stock the fridge with beer, and channel-surf the night away.
  • Invite your single friends over for a game of poker and make them martinis with plump olives.
  • Go skiing by yourself.

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8 Responses to “Un-Valentine’s Day”

  1. Paolo

    Here here. I think you’re absolutely right with the least romantic day of the year accusation.

    Here’s a happy un-Valentine’s Day card in celebration of this.


  2. Andrea

    The images you’ve been using in your posts lately have been… interesting.

    Have a great V-day, no matter where you spend it.

  3. ljclark

    Thanks. I think.

  4. steinpilz

    Mark Bittman had a great long blog thread a week or two ago where people sent in their suggestions for Valentines breakfast and dinner meals:


  5. ljclark

    Excellent, steinpilz. Scott and I will be dining on linguini & littlenecks tonight.

  6. fibro witch

    I am doing my part to make this the least romantic day of the year. I am in the hospital recovering from surgery. The view from my hospital bed, looking out on the city of Boston is amazing. Once you get past the whole, tube in my arm, oxygen hissing into my nose and massive pain.

  7. Dietsch

    Great recommendations! Of course, Jen and I usually just plan a special meal at home and have a much better time than if we’d made reservations out. But I love the idea of a dive bar!

  8. ljclark

    wow, that’s as unromantic as it gets, FB. Good call, Mike & Jen.

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