January 25th, 2009

Cannon on Chronicle

Hey all, in case you missed it, mixmaster Jackson Cannon of Eastern Standard was profiled on Chronicle HD on January 14. (The segment appears after a short piece on chef’s knives, featuring chef David Punch of Ten Tables in JP.) Cannon demos a Frisco and ES’ own Harvest Cocktail while throwing out some historical tidbits and showing off his cocktail-shaking technique. My favorite moment: As the show’s host, Mary Richardson, gingerly gives the shaker a try, Cannon instructs, “A little harder, Mary.” Hoo-hoo!

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4 Responses to “Cannon on Chronicle”

  1. jacqueline

    Despite the fact that she reminds of a Stepford Wife on ‘roids…they did a nice job here. Am posting on it and giving you the scoop credit. I think we should have drinks with Jackson or Misty when we finally make our date! I need to meet both! NEED. To. I’m writing about organic cocktails and drinking Theraflu which is pretty close to my idea of hell.

  2. jacqueline

    Okay, while popping a quick post on this news…I decided we need to come up with a cocktail called a Ramsay’s Folly. Ideas?

  3. MC Slim JB

    Hmm, Ramsay’s Folly? I think the man’s got cooking talent, but he’s an insufferable boor otherwise. I might propose something like grappa as the base spirit (for its raw, unpolished quality), pureed cooked beet (to approximate GR’s face color when he gets in a lather), and a healthy squirt of Rooster Sauce, aka sriracha, a Vietnamese chili sauce (for the cock’s preening qualities and the heat of capsicum). And maybe a dash of despair. It would be dreadful and ultimately a financial failure, kinda like GR.

  4. ljclark

    Wow, I think you nailed it, Slim. Wasn’t there some spoof recently that had Ramsey doing his show in hell and yelling at Hitler and Mussolini for their cooking mistakes?

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