August 26th, 2008

Drink, Boston

Fort Point Channel

It’s funny. Back in March, I went to a cocktail class at Stir, chef Barbara Lynch’s teaching kitchen. Somebody asked our host, bartender John Gertsen, when Lynch’s new seaport-district bar was opening and what its name would be. I don’t know if Gertsen knew at the time what name had been chosen and was just being secretive, or if he just understands his boss really well, because he said something like, ‘Well, knowing Barbara, she’ll probably name it what it is,’ and threw in a reference to Occam’s Razor for good effect.

So I wasn’t surprised when I read this post on’s Dishing blog. Just as Lynch named No. 9 Park after its street address, the oyster bar she opened with her former business partner Garrett Harker B&G Oysters, her meat-and-charcuterie-lover’s bistro the Butcher Shop, and her teaching kitchen Stir, she has anointed her new bar Drink.

Whether you like the name or not, this “first installment of chef Barbara Lynch’s Fort Point project” is going to totally kick ass. Bet on it. Think vintage glassware and seltzer-water siphons, 1950s-inspired canapes and “rock star” bartenders (including Gertsen) — all with an attitude and in a workshop-like atmosphere that are decidedly non-precious. Mmmm, refreshing. They’re shooting for a debut of September 15. See you there.

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9 Responses to “Drink, Boston”

  1. Andrea

    I read that article, too. I can’t *wait* for this to open (though I probably won’t be able to even get into the place for at least a month after it opens).

    But I was wondering – just what characterizes a “rock star” bartender? Innovative booze combos? Flashy service? Leather pants? Will they be covering multiple styles of rock, or just going with the classics? I guess I’ll have to wait to find out.


  2. MC Slim JB

    I imagine “rock star bartender” in this context refers to a loyal following built more on technical and hospitality chops than personal glamour. Think profiles in rather than a glossy photo in the Improper Bostonian. Cleve, not cleavage.

    I’m looking forward to this place, too!

  3. john gertsen


    I was actually thinking of Soft Rock. Bartenders will be wearing open shirts, gold chains, and headbands.

    Look forward to seeing you there.


  4. ljclark

    Ha! Slim, I couldn’t have explained it better myself. “Cleve, not cleavage” — you know what? That could be a slogan for the Boston bar scene.

    John — wait, aren’t you’re talking about your next bar — Guns?

  5. MC Slim JB

    Understand I am *not* casting aspersions on how Cleve might look in a plunging blouse; I’m just saying that what we really value is his skills. WonderBras are cheap; a winning way with a Tiki drink is gold.

  6. john gertsen

    Thanks for letting the cat outta the bag (about GUNS) Lauren.

    Eli’s gonna be pissed.

  7. Br. Cleve

    Never having bought a WonderBra, I’m not sure how much they cost. But I can make a mean Mai Tai. And none of you got to try my Cactus Flower tropical drink, which was served up by John Gertsen at the Tiki Block Party at Tales Of The Cocktail (where the booze ran out so fast, hardly anyone of the 1700 paying customers got to try it). Oh well. Maybe if you ask John nicely he’ll make you one (if he has the cactus juice, that is)

    Speaking of cleavage, I have a photo of Russ Meyer and me. So, in honor of the man who gave the world “Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill!” and “Super Vixens”….and a man who enjoyed his liquor….I endorse this new slogan. There’s certainly more tan enough bad bartenders around, endowed or not. I’m ready for the rock stars. As long as they wear hair nets, of course.

  8. claire

    Any updates on Drink? are they still shooting for a 15th opener?

  9. ljclark

    Looks like it’s been pushed forward to later in September.

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