August 4th, 2010

“I just like to drink cocktails”

mass-bev-biz-coverEveryone who runs a bar or liquor store in this state has probably by now seen my mug on the cover of the Massachusetts Beverage Business Journal, which is part drinks industry magazine, part catalogue for booze retailers. What can I say? A girl doesn’t say no to such exposure.

More important, a girl doesn’t say no to being profiled by Liza Weisstuch. Her smart writing about drinks, theater and other culture topics has appeared in the Globe, the New York Times, Imbibe, Stuff Magazine, the Phoenix and numerous other publications. She begins the profile…

“Some people in the food and drink world gain recognition for being proficient at detecting a trend long before it’s identified in the mainstream, and keeping it fresh and relevant with style and artistry. Others establish an identity by creating a niche for themselves where there’s long been a gaping hole. Lauren Clark has turned herself into a respected brand by doing both simultaneously.”

…and then chronicles my career backward from I-just-like-to-drink-cocktails blogger to beer writer to brewer to college bartender. Along the way, she manages to thread together my often grammatically free-form chatter (I swear I only had one beer during that interview) into a respectable narrative. Dang.

Many thanks to both the Beverage Journal and Weisstuch for the article. Now it’s back to business.

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4 Responses to ““I just like to drink cocktails””

  1. MC Slim JB

    Nice job, Liza! Congrats, Lauren! I was disappointed that the profile stopped where it did: I wanted the dirt on your third-grade sidewalk Kool-Aid stand — or was it ZaRex? See? There are always unanswered questions. (Now, if only MBBJ can get the spelling of “Weisstuch” right.)

  2. ljclark

    Thanks, Slim. Yeah, getting the bylines of your writers right ought to be a priority. No ZaRex stand (ha), but I did have a hotdog cart one summer after high school. Let’s save the rest of my formative years in the food-service industry for my memoirs.

  3. Br. Cleve

    “I just like to drink cocktails” – that is just such a sublime statement. So nice to see you get such well deserved recognition….and such a groovy cover shot, too. A tip of the flask to Liza for the fine wordsmithing. Let’s drink to the hardworking people!

  4. Miche-L

    Woohoo! Lauren this is super! Wait til I tell “book group”! I toast you and your wonderful website. Salut!

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