June 15th, 2009

The Ward Eight – now on video

Now presenting: a discussion of the lore behind Boston’s Ward Eight cocktail, and a demonstration of how to mix one, in a video starring the somewhat-ready-for-prime-time blogger behind drinkboston.com.

You may already be familiar with how2heroes (tagline: cook. eat. be merry.), a video website that “celebrates people’s passion for food [and drink] – the flavors, the presentation, the secrets to success, the cultural inspirations, and of course the ‘heroes’ who share their knowledge and experience.” In just a year, the site has produced 500 short videos featuring food and drink professionals and enthusiasts demo’ing and talking about particular foodstuffs and drinkstuffs. Besides myself, featured Boston folk in the Beverages category include:

There’s a lot worth checking out on this site. The how2heroes staff does a good job getting a bunch of people who aren’t used to being on camera to convey their knowledge of food and drink in a straightforward and often engaging way.

I did my damnedest to get Locke-Ober, where the Ward Eight was invented, to let me shoot my video there. Regrettably, they showed no interest. A special thanks to Tremont 647 for letting me (and some of the others above) shoot at their bar.

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7 Responses to “The Ward Eight – now on video”

  1. Pink Lady

    Fabulous video Babs!!! And thanks for the shout-out. Too bad about Locke-Ober being totally uninterested, that would have made for such a cool “it happened here first” spot.

  2. Chickpea

    I was so craving that cocktail after watching the video – and I have maybe one drink a month! Well, this month, it’s gonna be a Ward Eight. Loved to hear the history of the cocktail too!

  3. MC Slim JB

    That was mighty cool! Happy to see the Baby Saz, one of my favorite ryes for the money. Well done!

  4. ljclark

    Thanks for taking a look, y’all. It is too bad about Locke-Ober. I just don’t get it. Chickpea, *I* was so craving that cocktail after making it for the video, but I had to go back to work! I love Baby Saz too, but the drink is also just dandy with good ol’ Overholt.

  5. dave

    Had my first Ward 8 this past Monday. Good stuff to say the least.

  6. ljclark

    Excellent. Where’d you have it, Dave?

  7. dave

    @ljclark: At Deep Ellum. Did not feel like a beer (shocking as that may seem) so I asked Max to make something with Whiskey in it. He asked a few other questions (fruit, certain type of Whiskey, etc) and then said, “I’ll make you the Boston classic Ward 8.” The name rang a bell (from this post), so I was intrigued with what I was going to get.

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