June 10th, 2009

Bitters breakthrough

bittermens-xocolatlIt’s the moment cocktailians have been waiting for. Bittermens bitters are finally going to be available in stores and more widely in bars. After years — yes, years — of battling various authorities to make and sell their bitters, all the while providing their products to select bars in Boston and elsewhere on a “pre-release” basis, Avery and Janet Glasser have finally and happily entered a partnership with the German bitters producer the Bitter Truth.

The first Bittermens products being released under the partnership are Grapefruit Bitters and Xocolatl (Chocolate) Mole Bitters. Hopefully the Glassers’ other artisanal flavors, like ‘Elemakule Tiki Bitters, won’t be far behind. The goods won’t be available for purchase stateside for another few months; for now you have to buy them through the Bitter Truth website (and pay dearly for overseas shipping, I’m afraid). The price of an individual bottle is listed at 10.90 euros, which is about 15 bucks.

The Boston Shaker already sells several varieties of Bitter Truth bitters (Celery, Jerry Thomas’ Decanter, etc.) and hopes to begin offering Bittermens bitters as soon as they are available.

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3 Responses to “Bitters breakthrough”

  1. MC Slim JB

    Cngratulations to these dogged and original entrepreneurs!

  2. ScubaSteve

    can’t wait for the Tiki bitters!!!

  3. lantheaume

    Hey all – Wanted to let drinkboston.com readers know that I’m taking pre-orders for in store pickup (and US shipped if you’re from out of state or buying gifts) of the Bittermens Bitters. According to TBT, they’ll most likely be available after Tales this summer.

    Visit http://www.thebostonshaker.com/Buy_Bittermens.html to lock in your bottles. We’ve already surpassed a few dozen pre-ordered bottles from the U.S. alone. Woot.

    Go team Bittermens!

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