December 24th, 2008

Holiday hints for hooch heads

Like you, I’m too busy doing last-minute holiday errands to accomplish much of anything else today. That’s why I’m thankful to borrow this gem from the Modern Drunkard: Tis the Season to Get Falling Down Drunk: Holiday Hints for Hooch Heads. Highlights:

If you receive three cocktail shakers every Christmas, you are a drunkard.
If you receive ten, get ready for an intervention.

Spread the holiday cheer by going to your favorite bar dressed as Santa Claus.
Because nobody under-pours Santa. Nobody.

If you’re going to travel during the holidays, be aware that you can no longer bring alcohol onto the airplane.
Unless you hide it in your bloodstream.

Merry Christmas and stuff, everybody!

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3 Responses to “Holiday hints for hooch heads”

  1. Frederic

    LOL @ the Santa costume idea! Luckily we had Hugh Fiore last night at Eastern Standard so we didn’t have to worry about underpouring. And luckily they were open last night (and they will be Christmas Day too)!

  2. ljclark

    ha!! Cheers y’all

  3. Adam

    Cheers and Happy Festivus!

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