September 9th, 2008

Over 35? Try these bars

I don’t know — any bar that doesn’t completely skew to the jello-shot set is fine with me. But asked me to suggest a few Boston bars for the over-35 crowd, and I obliged. Let the list-bashing begin (not to mention the criticism of my phone-interview grammar — eek).

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21 Responses to “Over 35? Try these bars”

  1. Justin Ide

    Love the site … what a great resource for Boston.


  2. Simone

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    Finally a list of places I can go without feeling like I’m the “aunt” around!
    Better than that, only if you could also list places to dance when you are over-35’s….

  3. John Mullaney

    Another I would suggest in your over 35 list is the Charlesmark Lounge at 655 Boylston Street. It’s located right on the finish line of the Marathon right under the Charlesmark hotel. They have a well known longtime award winning Boston bartender, Jefferson Ryder as the lounge manager and it shows. Many specialty Martinis and all sorts special connexions. A wide range of ages frequent the place but I turned 50 there this year and I never felt too out of place.

  4. ljclark

    Thank you, Justin.

    Simone, if you have suggestions for over-35 dancin’ spots, I’m all ears.

    John, thanks for the Charlesmark tip.

  5. H.E. Whitney

    It has clearly been some time since I last sipped a martini or swilled a brew in Boston. I hope to return within the year because it’s been damn too long. But while I was there for nearly ten years, I found the best places for the 35 and over crowd were the following:

    -People’s Republik, Cambridge
    -The Cellar, Cambridge
    -Blue Cat, Boston (from what I understand the Blue Cat is no more)
    -Wonderbar, Allston
    -Grafton Street, Cambridge
    -Thirsty Scholar, Somerville

  6. erin

    I seriously love this website and the organizations it is affiliated with. I really believe that the idea of having a well crafted cocktail and a bite to eat is something that more and more people are appreciating, in a appropriate setting. But seriously The Publick House (article about places to go for the over 35 crowd) you have got to be joking. I will give it props for the selection of beer unrivaled in this city (try Toronado In SF) but …the atmosphere where do I start. At best you are going to be crowed and standing all night where there is no place to place your coat and other belongings, not to mention the annoyance of the other clientele. For a relaxing drink in a sexy and enjoyable environment this is not your place, elbow to elbow with people is not my idea of relaxing or comfortable (not to mention NO crafted cocktails). My suggestion The Beacon Street Tavern: excellent on all fronts, cocktails, food, atmosphere, staff, service, and clientele. I’m actually surprised it was not on the list.

  7. ljclark

    Erin, I feel your pain regarding the Publick House. A lot of people complain about the crowds. The savvy over-35s will get there when the place opens and park themselves at a table all night. For me, the beer selection more than makes up for the lack of a cocktail menu.

  8. Mark

    As someone that is well under the 35 limit, I like and frequent many of the places you’ve chosen. My only big reaction to the article was “Wow! I thought she was my age!”

  9. ljclark

    Mark, it’s good to hear affirmation that the bars I chose aren’t segregated entirely to the over-35 crowd. Segregated bars are dull. And thanks — you are sweet.

  10. mike

    Where’s Lucky’s?????

  11. David

    It scares the hell out of me when people glorify alcohol use—you should all be very careful about drinking–remember the most otstanding characteristic of an alcoholic is defiance–I DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM–does your personality change?–you have a problem!!!

  12. MC Slim JB

    David — I’m not sure I see the glorification of alcohol use here. It’s not like Lauren is touting the joys of binge-drinking Martinis. Her descriptions all focus on cocktail craft, service, and atmosphere. I agree that adults who enjoy cocktails need to be aware of the potential for abuse, but I don’t see a problem with writing about good places for grownups to enjoy cocktails responsibly. I’d say my personality does change after a cocktail or two: moderate drinking makes me more relaxed. Should I be worried about this?

    Lauren — a very nice job on the interview! I suppose a complementary piece might be “places for youngsters to start learning how to drink like grownups”; you could include distinguished old hotel bars like the Oak Bar, Rowes Wharf, the Bristol, Bar at the Taj, etc.

  13. ljclark

    Actually, glorifying alcohol use is exactly what I’m doing. (“Alcohol use:” those who frown on drinking or get no pleasure out of it tend to favor that term.) Note that “use” is often equated with “abuse” — I advise all of us to stick to the former. Human beings have glorified alcohol use since they drank their first drops of the stuff, and those humans include some of our most admired writers, thinkers and leaders. As Ben Franklin said, “There can’t be good living where there is not good drinking.”

  14. jj

    Anything like this useful site for Los Angeles?

  15. Scortch

    Hear! Hear!

    Lauren, you’ve hit it on the head beautifully and without shame or hesitation. does glorify alcohol use and quite responsibly -in the same way that a foodie site glorifies good eating and not gluttony.

    I’m not sure what David is doing finding himself here, with such a disdain for the topic de blog, but I suspect he came here after reading the article. I’m sure that his intent is honorable, but mis-directed. The topic of alcohol ABUSE is important, but no more required here than mandating a mention of safe driving behavior in each article of Road and Track.

    We’re all adults here and its certain that this blog is written by and aimed towards the responsible ones.

  16. BatNastard

    Why does everyone LOVE the Publick House (nee Anam Cara) so much? The beer selection is, in fact, quite rivalled and even bettered by the Sunset Bar & Grill. All the Publick has is Belgians, which is really beer for wine drinkers.

  17. Scortch


    The Sunset, while certainly about having it all in the beer selection department, is hardly a place for the over 35 crowd. Despite whatever might be commendable otherwise. Mark Kadish has always kept the place loud, gaudy, and definitely aimed squarely at the college frat crowd since day one.

  18. Frederic

    Great list! There’s also a trend amongst my friends and I as we’re getting older is to not go to certain places on Thursdays-Saturdays and focus on going out for a drink on Sunday-Tuesday when the party crowd is resting. It also increases your chance to meet local bartenders at the same side of the bar for it’s often their day off.

  19. Jon from NH

    Thanks for the great list! Just in time for my birthday.

  20. ljclark

    J.J. from L.A. — I don’t know of a similar resource for L.A. bars. I wrote a post about a trip to L.A. last year that may be of help: And there is some great info on historic L.A. bars here:

  21. Bar fly

    Wally’s in the south end on mass avenue has the best jazz and over 35 crowd

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