October 10th, 2007

Talk to your kids about drinking

Are you a parent? If so, you may recognize this situation. A friend of mine has taken to barhopping vicariously through drinkboston.com, given that she has a toddler and an infant and just moved to the ‘burbs. She wrote me an email recently with the subject, “You know you spend too much time at drinkboston.com when…” and a message that continued, “…your 3-year-old organizes a cocktail party in the play kitchen on his second day of pre-school and serves his classmates and teachers lemonade cocktails.”

Isn’t that cute?

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2 Responses to “Talk to your kids about drinking”

  1. Bluebell

    I’ll confess that several years ago my then 5 year old daughter climbed up onto a high stool at a restaurant in the suburbs and said “I’ll have a martini, please.” At least she said please!

    Nice meeting you Saturday, Lauren!

  2. ljclark

    Ha! Yes, I wish more 5-year-olds would say “please” when ordering a martini.

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