September 20th, 2007

Best Boston bars now on Google maps

I present to you something that’ll make imbibing in Beantown a little easier: a Google map of best Boston bars. Happy wandering.

Anyone out there good at map mashups? I’d love to put best Boston bars and the MBTA on the same map. If you can make that happen, I will personally buy you a drink at the Boston-area bar of your choice.

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7 Responses to “Best Boston bars now on Google maps”

  1. Adam

    Alas, I don’t have time to work through a full mashup, but I did find a good first step:

    This person has already done the MBTA map overlay part. Perhaps he or she will let you reuse the code. Then you just need to add all of the stuff you’ve already typed into your own Google Map. That should be the most painful part…

  2. Filip Tufvesson

    I don’t see the issue; the MBTA stops are already in there by default as small blue Ms, isn’t that what you’re looking for?

  3. ljclark

    Filip, that’s true. I was thinking more of a map of the actual lines on the T, i.e. red, orange, green etc. Looks like that’s what Adam’s pointing to. The thing is, I think one needs to download some sort of Google Earth software to create a mashup (using Google maps, at least), and the version that’s available for Macs requires the latest OS, which I don’t have…

  4. Adam

    You don’t have to download any software. The API is all exposed via JavaScript so if you can write code you only need a text editor. You just need to register for an API key, roll up your sleeves, and start typing…

  5. Walt

    I can’t help you with the mashup but just wanted to say what a fantastic job you have done with the map as is. I will definitely bookmark it for future reference.

  6. Stephen

    yikes, i didn’t make the cut… and more importantly i don’t see matt murphy’s in brookline…

  7. MC Slim JB

    Nice map! But it’s “Green Street”, no longer “Green Street Grill”.

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