August 13th, 2007

Food & Wine touts Mixology Monday, drinkboston

Food & Wine magazine’s Mouthing Off blog featured a recent post about cocktail blogs and Mixology Monday, which Paul at Cocktail Chronicles started in April 2006. (Coincidentally, that’s when started, too.) MxMo is “a monthly event for drink bloggers (and nonbloggers, too, using the drink forum at eGullet) to mix up themed cocktails and share recipes,” writes F&W’s Julia Bainbridge. I have to admit I’ve been a slacker, having only participated in MxMo once so far. The next one is tomorrow, August 13, at the Intoxicated Zodiac blog. The theme is orange (as in orange juice, orange liqueur, orange peel, orange bitters, etc.) Whether I’ll have my sh*t together to participate in that one is still an open question. Right now I just want to toot the drinkboston horn and mention the fact that I’m quoted at the end of the Mouthing Off post.

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