September 19th, 2006

Whatever happened to the portable bar?

Executair 101We bought this vintage booze suitcase for about $35 at the Cambridge Antique Market and brought it with us on vacation in Cape Cod. Not surprisingly, it’s called the Executair 101. It comes with four mixing cups, two jiggers, a mixing spoon, and a serving tray, all made of space-age aluminum. Since cocktails in most Cape bars are of the sweet, “island” variety, we made frequent use of the Executair in whipping up Manhattans and Martinis come five o’ clock.

I’m not exactly a youngster, but I don’t remember that Golden Age of Drinking when it was OK to bring your own bottles and mixing equipment around with you. The great thing about the Executair 101 (I’m dying to find the 201 model in hopes that it added a strainer) is that it really does look like something you could bring to the office. And if your boss was a very special man or woman, you could open this baby up in a meeting and be instantly promoted.

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6 Responses to “Whatever happened to the portable bar?”

  1. James

    Great piece of equipment especially good if you go to lots of hotels where the drinks cost a bomb and your skint after just a couple of rounds compliments to the makers.

  2. Anna Khonda

    Do you find room for the IBGB with all those bottles?

  3. ljclark

    I’m stumped. What’s the IBGB?

  4. Shaun

    ‘Whatever happened to the portable bar’ is the same as what is happening to ‘veggie’ mocktails. I am a vegetarian and I love mocktails. Thought I would share with you a good (but weirdly sounding) Bloody Shame Recipe. Do let me know if you welcome ‘veggie’ moctailers?


  5. ljclark

    Sure thing, Shaun. Take a look at this post:

  6. Kevin

    I just found one of these that is a coffee set. Has any one ever seen the coffee set before?

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