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November 5th, 2008

Celebrating our new prez

Election 2008 - Obama in the crowd

At 11:00 p.m. last night at the Independent, it was like the Red Sox finally winning the World Series, only with more crying.

Holy crap, we just witnessed a turning point in American history. That happens, like, once or twice in a lifetime. And despite an assembly line of Ward Eights at the beginning of the evening, and shots of rye passed around after Obama gave his acceptance speech (man, is that guy steady), my memories of Election Night ’08 are clearly branded on my brain. Here are some photos from the drinkboston-Indo party celebrating the end — the new beginning, actually — of a two-year political saga.

Election 2008 - taps and Ohio

CNN’s Dana Bash calls Ohio for Obama.

Election 2008 - Zack Hickman

Partygoer Zack Hickman won a $25 Indo gift certificate for Best Election Night Getup.

Election 2008 - happy people

The crowd is stirred as the winner is announced. That tall guy in the back looks familiar.

Election 2008 - TV says Obama wins

Barack Obama is announced President-Elect. Much cheering, toasting, hugging, crying. The DJ plays “Don’t Stop Believin’,” and people laugh and sing along.

We wish you luck, Mr. President.

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November 4th, 2008

Drinking with the presidents

Washington D.C.’s historic Round Robin Bar is, according to this article, serving a special presidential cocktail menu from election day through the presidential inauguration. The menu features beverages — both alcoholic and non-alcoholic — anecdotally linked to each chief executive. Like: rye whiskey, straight, for Andrew Jackson; a Beefeater martini up with olives for JFK; and Diet Coke with lemon for W. Also featured: a Ward Eight for Theodore Roosevelt, which the Round Robin describes as a “politically-charged concoction, brought to D.C. by ‘Big Stick’ Republicans from New York.” OK, so the homework here is a little sloppy. Still, it’s a fun concept. Well, except for what the bar concocted for our forthcoming president:

“Depending on the outcome of the upcoming election, one libation [was created] for each of the two candidates for the 44th presidency of the United States:

“John McCain — Belvedere vodka, on the rocks, a straightforward, clean and refreshing bracer.

“Barack Obama — Obama shake, flavored vodka, fresh fruit and cream, steady and smooth, served tall and cool.”

Surely, they could’ve come up with ideas a little less lame?

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