July 9th, 2011

Farewell, Boston!

You probably noticed things haven’t been pouring around here lately. Sorry. I’ve been in the middle of a big transition that will, I’m sad to say, render drinkboston.com an artifact. This blogger is moving to L.A.

It’s a day-job thing. My career in university communications has progressed despite my second “career” carousing Boston bars by night and writing about the goings-on in them during lunch. So, hello, University of Southern California! Luckily, my new employer is close to downtown L.A., home of such luxe watering holes as The Varnish and Caña.

Will there be a DrinkLA.com? ‘Fraid not. My new position, along with explorations of my new city, will keep me plenty busy for a while. But I will keep this site online — and will continue to moderate comments — for those who want to browse any of the 450 posts I’ve written over the past five years.

It sounds clichéd, but it’s true: One of the best things about publishing this blog is the people I have met. Bartenders, barbacks, fellow customers, cocktail enthusiasts. Brand ambassadors, professional mixologists, other drink writers. And, of course, many, many of my fellow Boston imbibers. I thank all of you for the good cheer, the support you gave this endeavor, and the time you spent reading and commenting on the scribblings here. I’ll miss you, I’ll miss this town, and I’ll miss this labor of love. But I look forward to downing a round of Fernet with you when I visit. Cheers, y’all!

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23 Responses to “Farewell, Boston!”

  1. Corey

    Lauren! We love you and will miss you! Thanks for everything you have done.


  2. Walt

    Lauren, the first words which come to mind at this news are THANK YOU. DrinkBoston was a huge help to me in the four short years I tended bar. It was a pleasure meeting you last year during your Kentucky trip. I wish you nothing but the best in your new adventure out West.

  3. Miriam

    I’ve never met you, but thank you so much for all of your writing and advice! I will miss this blog sorely!

  4. ljclark

    Corey and Walt, I really appreciate that. Miriam, sorry our paths never crossed, but I’m glad you enjoyed reading. Keep drinking well, y’all.

  5. Rob Marais

    Lauren, at a time when I discovered the joy of the cocktail, and needed to learn, your resource was there for me and helped point the way. All good things have their end, I suppose, and I will be sorry to see this site move to the archives, but I want to thank you for all the work you did on drinkboston.com and wish you well on your transfer to the Left Coast. I hope for all good things (and good quaffs in lovely boîtes) in your future.

  6. Alcachofa

    Bon voyage and cheers, Ms. Clark. Thanks for your posts. Enjoy LA.

  7. Judy Taylor

    Oh geez…if you had made the leap to the West Coast this past winter THAT would have been tough to take…just love your site/insights…was just talking about you to Domenic (not sure that is his name-he also works at the W Hotel)) bartender at 10 Tables Ptown…conversation was late at night at that bar and focus was “so how do you (meaning me) know anything about cocktails” and that, of course, led to the Craigie/Tom/Ms. Clark et al storey. Will truly miss Drinkboston…thanks soooooo much Ms. Clark. Best of luck to you …but hey, a girl like you does not need “luck”…it’s your intelligence,work ethic,charm and the fact that you are totally easy on the eyes that propels you thru life (coupled with an occasional good buzz).

    Judy Taylor

    PS: if the weather (NO FALL !!!),floods, earthquakes,fires,mud slides,palm tree christmas trees etc force you “home” make SURE to let us all know !

    PSS: Love the OC…one of my very best friends is the sandal maker(Victor Powell)…his shop is right above the OC

  8. Craig

    Boston’s loss is LA’s gain, especially USC! Good luck with all that you do, professionally and hobby-wise (hobbilly?) in the vast Concrete Jungle that is the LA basin!

  9. ljclark

    Such kind words, Rob, Judy, Alcachofa and Craig. Judy, you’re talking about Domingo, I believe. He is doing good stuff at Ten Tables. I love that I can get a good cocktail in Provincetown now, along with a shot and a beer at the OC, one of the best watering holes in America.

  10. Joe D

    Lauren – best of luck with this new chapter in your life. Be sure to bring lots of Celtics gear with you – they love that in LA. Nicole and I really enjoyed meeting up with you whenever the opportunity arose. Hopefully you will keep everyone informed of your movements and I’m sure we’ll raise a glass with you again at some point in the future!

  11. dave

    Best of luck. Sad to see the blog go, b/c I always looked forward to a new post, but to new beginnings I say Cheers.

  12. Noah

    Sorry to hear Boston is losing you. Thanks so much for all the great posts and events. Enjoy the LA winters.

  13. Romina

    Lauren! Best of luck in LA, I am glad to hear you are now a fellow trojan – fight on!! Enjoy all the drinks in LA!!

  14. Jenn

    The East Coast’s loss is the West Coast’s gain! Meeting you at the bar at Craigie one weekday evening about 2 years ago was a turning point in my decision to really jump into cocktail writing as a blogger. Thank you for inspiring me and offering such a high quality example of what great cocktail blog writing can be.

    I lived in LA for a couple years, so make a visit every once in a while. Our next drink will have to be out west!

    Best of luck. Cheers!

  15. andy

    boston’s loss is l.a.’s gain. as much as i liked your site and writing i liked serving/sharing a drink with you even more. cheers to a classy dame who truly gets it when some of us don’t!

  16. ljclark

    Jenn, many thanks. It’s been great running into you over cocktails, and I wish you the best with nightcapped.com! Joe, Dave, Noah, Romina and Andy, I blush at your kindness.

  17. heather


    My mom loves to ask if I’ve read this or that here on your blog, so for both of us, thanks!

    Heather (of Heather and Evan)

    p.s. maybe she’ll read this and get a laugh..

  18. ian

    Lauren, thanks for all the help, support, and encouragement. More importantly, thanks for writing such a killer blog. Best of luck on the other side 🙂


  19. Nick

    Best of luck, Lauren. And have fun exploring the West Coast scene.

  20. Dale Cruse

    Good luck to you Lauren!

  21. KDR

    Thanks for a great blog and for keeping it up as a resource; enjoy LA and keep imbibing

  22. Mara K.

    Hi, Lauren! Happened to find this out via another’s Twitter-lamentation over this news. 🙁 Though we are but casual work acquaintances, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and it’s always been good to chat with you – best of luck out on the best coast!

  23. Barbara&Chris Smith

    We met you and this Drink Boston site a few years back at the Food and Wine Festival on Martha’s Vineyard, where you gave a fun little seminar, and have been fans ever since. We wish you all the best in L.A. ! Cheers, Barbara and Chris Smith, Baltimore, MD

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