April 15th, 2010

Best Boston blog – thanks!


I wish I could buy a drink for each and every imbiber who voted this the Best Blog in the Boston Phoenix’ Best of 2010 readers’ poll. But my bar tabs are insane enough as it is, so I’ll go with a simple “thank you.”

I’m tickled that the Phoenix refers to me as an “experienced taproom denizen.” Speaking of taprooms, many congrats to best Boston bars Deep Ellum, Drink, Eastern Standard, Franklin Cafe and Highland Kitchen for their wins in various bar/cocktail categories, and to Guerilla Queer Bar for Best LGBT Night.

Cheers and thanks again to all drinkboston readers!

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11 Responses to “Best Boston blog – thanks!”

  1. Adam

    Congrats! Well deserved.

  2. jon in NH

    Wow, does that mean my vote actually counted? Congrats!

  3. LoungeTracks

    “Best blog ever.”
    – Comic Book Guy

    A hearty huzzah to you!

  4. Patrick Maguire


    That was great to see.

  5. ljclark

    Many thanks, gents!

  6. Eric Witz

    Congrats! I will admit that I was totally unaware of this poll, being rather out of the loop, but rest assured next year you’ll have my vote, too.

  7. MC Slim JB

    I think you need to cover some Hyde Park bars. Some of those Universal Hub commenters seem really put out. Or maybe covering one of those places in Milton will placate them. They’re feeling unloved by the world, apparently. Nobody thinks of them as being part of the city. I have to admit it’s been a while since I wrote about any restaurant away down yonder there.

  8. Nicole Vecchiotti

    DrinkBoston rules! (And now there’s proof in the pudding.) Suffice it to say: Well deserved.

  9. ljclark

    Slim, true, I need to get out to some other neighborhoods more. I just responded to some of the comments on Universal Hub (http://www.universalhub.com/2010/raise-toast-drinkboston) admitting as much but also explaining my limitations to grudge-holders. I wonder how often they make the trek out to Somerville? I wish it were easier to get from one outlying Boston neighborhood to the other without driving, but it just ain’t.

  10. pinky gonzales

    woo hooo! finally and congrats!!

  11. Adam


    Please ignore the moron on that thread and just keep on doing what you’re doing. Nothing to be gained by attempting to appease people who complain just to get attention.

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