March 31st, 2010

Joonbug drinks and tells

The nightlife and entertainment site Joonbug, Boston edition was good enough to send one of its writers, Ivy Brown, to the Bartenders on the Rise event a few weeks ago. It was Brown’s first drinkboston event and first visit to Green Street, and she has a fresh, thorough take on things that is most welcome. Her heartfelt writeup reflects the quality time she spent talking to each of the four featured bartenders and sampling their cocktails. She begins:

“It was instantly clear that the guest bartenders were actually more like co-hosts, as each one seemed to have a hand in every aspect of the party. As the talent popped back and forth from behind the bar, mingled with the crowd, and happily saw to the distribution of welcome punch, it was clear that this was not simply a crew of folks who happened to make a decent drink, but rather a group of people who had genuine love for what they do.”

Cheers to that.

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4 Responses to “Joonbug drinks and tells”

  1. CJM

    That is a great read and good article. It really makes me mad at myself for not attending the event. It’s nice to see people really care about their customers and the overall experience. I try to exemplify that attitude when i’m behind the stick at my establishment…if the customers are having a good time, then so am I, and that is why people go out.

    On anothe rnote, is there away to subscribe via RSS feed other than Twitter for this site? Thanks

  2. ljclark

    Hopefully you can make the next one, CJM. As for RSS, I am really only familiar with Google’s feed reader, which I believe simply asks for a website’s URL in order to add it to your feed. Also, if you’re using Firefox, there’s a little “subscribe to this page” icon in the right side of the window displaying the URL. I hope that helps.

  3. Drew Ames

    Did you see this?

  4. Graham

    I wondered if we’d ever see this report. I’m glad she had the space to be so thorough — looks like she really did the event justice.

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