January 9th, 2009

Drinkboston in today’s Barcode

Hey, check out today’s Barcode column in the Boston Globe. There’s an interview with a local blogger — me — about drink trends in Beantown. Cheers.

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12 Responses to “Drinkboston in today’s Barcode”

  1. Todd


    Congrats on the face time

  2. MC Slim JB

    Excellent! Really cool that you got to give shout-outs to Scott Holliday at Rendezvous and Rob Kraemer at Chez Henri. Love those guys.

  3. ljclark

    Thanks, Todd. Yeah, MC, those guys are doing good work.

  4. the modern serf

    Now I’ve got a few more places to check out. Are you gonna do a write-up on Craigie, Rendezvous or Marilave for best Boston bars?

  5. Frederic

    Is there a good night to check out the Marliave? My one experience there was not very positive.

  6. ljclark

    Modern Serf: “Best bar” profiles of the Marliave and Craigie will be along shortly. Fred, what was the nature of your not-positive experience at the Marliave, if you don’t mind my asking? I’ve been there on, I think, a Weds and a Friday night, and both were pleasant.

  7. Frederic

    It was a Tuesday. The bartender did not seem very attentive even though the place was rather empty. I ordered a Jenny Churchill. They were out of Vya vermouth at the bar so I ended up with a Old Overholdt and Noilly Prat Manhattan. He was willing to up the vermouth level for me to something more from the era they were portraying. After he had started stirring, I had to ask him to put the bitters in (they were listed as an ingredient) and he looked at me like I was a freak. He took out the three bottles and told me to pick. I picked Peychaud’s and he administered the smallest drop, not even a dash. At that point, I just gave up. For the same cost per drink, I got my next two at No. 9 Park that night. I felt that they were milking the speakeasy history of the bar more than the quality of their current day drinks. I would not say it was unpleasant, just that there are plenty of non-“best bars” that can make that level of drink for me and I can do much better on a lazy night in my kitchen.

  8. leswes

    All my Marliave experiences have been very good, including the Jenny Churchill, which I think is a great drink (and I love the cherries they use). Had a couple of good gin martinis there last night, actually, and I found the service to be as good and friendly as usual.

  9. Arnold

    I have to side with Frederic. While I’ve had a few very good drinks at Marliave, I’ve also had a number of mediocre cocktails as well. In fact, a friend who loves Manhattans was recently visiting from out of town and I took him to Marliave for a Jenny Churchill. They were so poorly made that we left after barely finishing them for Silvertone around the corner.

  10. ljclark

    Interesting. My experiences have been more akin to leswes’s. The cocktails at the Marliave are not on the caliber of those at Drink or Craigie on Main, but the ones I’ve had have been solid. Consistency is the hardest thing to master.

  11. Luke O'Neil

    The one time I actually drank at Marliave it was so dead it was kind of depressing. A bit too bright for my taste in there as well.

  12. leswes

    But we digress–it was great to open “g” and see an interview with drinkboston!

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