August 31st, 2008

The birth of a bar

About an hour after I wrote yesterday’s post confirming the sale of the B-Side Lounge to western-Mass. beer bar proprietor Daniel Lanigan, I walked into Deep Ellum only to find Lanigan sitting at the bar.

He confirmed my hopes: his new enterprise will indeed emulate Deep Ellum. So, the cocktails are staying, and they’ll be joined by 40 tap lines of the good craft beer that have made his other bars beloved.

One thing Lanigan wanted to make clear is that this is not a hostile takeover. The B-Side was for sale, and he bought it. He didn’t say what the name of the new place would be and didn’t have an exact date for the change of hands, but it was clear that he is thrilled to finally open a bar in the Boston area.

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6 Responses to “The birth of a bar”

  1. Adam

    Great investigative reporting, Lauren.

    I wait with bated breath for further details.



  2. ljclark

    Hey, walking into a bar and happening upon a key source is the kind of investigative reporting I like best.

  3. Gareth

    I’ve heard great things about his bars, although I haven’t had the pleasure of imbibing at one. I’m definitely looking forward to this new local one.

  4. Tom

    Well, I have to say that I’ve been to both Moan and Dove and Dirty Truth numerous times, and they’re absolutely great places! While I mourn B-Side, I celebrate the rise of what I’m sure will be a fine, fine establishment.

  5. egs

    so what’s the food going to be like?

  6. ljclark

    egs, this bar is, as we’ve just heard, kaput. Sorry.

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