August 2nd, 2007

Chartreuse Cocktails at Green Street 8/19/07

Green will join boozy forces with the recently founded Boston chapter of LUPEC (Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails) on Sunday, August 19 to host Chartreuse Cocktails at Green Street in Cambridge. The event starts at 7:00 p.m. (More on LUPEC Boston below.)

Chartreuse, the brilliant green, 110-proof spirit made by Carthusian monks in France and flavored with 130 herbs and other botanicals, is perhaps the noblest of liqueurs. If you’ve had Chartreuse, you know that nothing else tastes quite like it. How do you even begin to describe its bright, herbal complexity? You don’t. You just mix it into a cocktail and admire the distinctive result. At the Green Street event, you’ll taste cocktails made with green Chartreuse, described above, and its sibling, yellow Chartreuse.

On the menu: Two classic Chartreuse cocktails and two new-school Chartreuse cocktails, the latter created exclusively for this event by members of LUPEC Boston. Passed appetizers with fresh, in-season ingredients will accompany the drinks. But wait, there’s more:

  • LUPEC Boston members will mix, pour, and discuss Chartreuse cocktails.
  • A special guest bartender will, in the guise of a Carthusian monk, be on hand to discuss the history and ingredients of this storied liqueur.
  • An additional menu of Chartreuse cocktails will be available for purchase at the bar.
  • Ticket price is $35/person including 4 Chartreuse cocktails and passed appetizers.

LUPEC logoLUPEC Boston is a classic cocktail society dedicated to “breeding, raising, and releasing nearly extinct drinks into the wild” (a.k.a. Boston-area bars and restaurants.) Founded in February 2007 by Misty Kalkofen of Green Street and 10 fellow cocktail enthusiasts (including moi), LUPEC Boston is the city’s first and only female-oriented cocktail society. The ladies of LUPEC Boston meet once a month to sample delicious cocktails from a bygone era, and learn about the important and nearly forgotten forebroads who sipped them. They also work to improve the lives of Boston-area women, and proceeds from their upcoming events will benefit local women’s charities.

Proceeds from Chartreuse Cocktails at Green Street will benefit LUPEC Boston and the fundraising events they are ramping up for this fall.

Reserve tickets in advance by calling Green Street at 617-876-1655 or emailing LUPEC Boston at lupecboston “at” gmail “dot” com. Or purchase tickets by visiting Green Street at 280 Green St., Cambridge, MA. See ya there!

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10 Responses to “Chartreuse Cocktails at Green Street 8/19/07”

  1. pinky gonzales

    …and don’t forget, drinkers, to visit the other LUPEC link – their kick-ass blog, at:

  2. angus w

    am so miserable… Green Chartreuse is my fave drink… boo hoo… enjoy a swift ‘direct line to God’ for me…

  3. ljclark

    Awwwww. Sorry, Angus. We will indeed. Let us know of your next Boston visit.

  4. Adam

    Counting the days. Hurrah. (Don’t mean to rub it in Angus)

  5. Adam

    Are reservations necessary, or can I just show up and pay at the door?

  6. ljclark

    Hi, Adam. Reservations aren’t necessary, but they’re strongly recommended. The last event at Green Street was sold out in advance. Hope to see you there!

  7. saira

    ladies, you put on an excellent event. and Green Street was a great spot for the night. Cheers, saira

  8. Jenn

    That was so fun! That Irma La Douce is something else. I am inspired to try my hand at some wonderful (hopefully) concoctions of my own. Thanks for a great night.

  9. Stephen

    of course i showed up late…. but i had fun. widow’s kiss…. real serious….
    liking chartreuse used to be a real solitary thing…. its so nice to know you are not alone and lately, in bean town anyway, you can find it mixed very well at many places….

    can’t wait for the next event….

  10. ljclark

    Glad you could make it, Stephen. Thanks for the homemade vermouth!

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