April 6th, 2007

Drink your eggs on Easter

Egg cracking machine“You hard boil your Easter eggs. We separate and shake ours.” — Misty Kalkofen

Freaked out by cocktails with egg in them? Don’t know the difference between a fizz and a flip? Go to Green Street (280 Green St., Cambridge) on Easter night to confront your fears and educate yourself. Armed with a Boston shaker and several dozen raw eggs, bar manager Misty Kalkofen will offer up classics like the Clover Club, plus modern takes like the Pegu Club’s Earl Grey Mar-tea-ni and Alconomics cocktail guru Angus Winchester‘s Peanut Malt Flip (scotch, peanut butter, and egg yolk). Yeah, Misty thought that one sounded disgusting, too, until she tried one and discovered it was delish.

For those who just can’t make the egg trip, there’ll be other, uh, Christian-themed, cocktails like the Cloister, the Saint Augustine and the Rusty Nail. “There might even be a special guest or two helping us shake things up,” says Misty.

Bar’s open from 5:30 to 1:00. If you think you’ll be popping in to say hello, send Misty an email at “barmaven at gmail dot com” so she’ll be sure to have enough eggs on hand. And, she adds, “bring your patience! It takes a little extra time to make a good egg drink, but it’s definitely worth the wait.”

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7 Responses to “Drink your eggs on Easter”

  1. MC Slim JB

    I had a superb Rye Flip at the bar at No. 9 Park made by Courtney, using (of course) some artisanal free-range Vermont chicken egg. It really turned heads when she cracked that egg into a cocktail shaker. I literally heard the poor guy sitting next to me gag softly as he watched me drink it. A tremendous drink, and so simple: Rittenhouse rye, simple syrup, whole egg. Really delicious.

  2. A Dash of Bitters » In which I flip for rye whiskey

    […] I especially enjoyed her most recent post, which starts with this money quote: “You hard boil your Easter eggs. We separate and shake ours.” — Misty Kalkofen […]

  3. ljclark

    Just for the record, I tried the Peanut Malt Flip last night … and it was surprisingly good. Not an everyday cocktail, but definitely worth mixing up if you have some extra scotch lying around. Thanks, Misty and Angus! Oh, and thanks to John Gertsen for making a special guest appearance, which, lucky for me, involved a Ramos Fizz made with a dash of Creme de Violette instead of orange flower water. That drink was like a bouquet of spring wildflowers.

  4. Stephen

    i worked a draining 14 hour day before i stopped in to the green street…. i then proceeded to put down three whole egg cocktails which were flawlessly mixed…. i couldn’t believe how restored i felt…. and drunk at the same time…. no hang over in the morning i actually felt fantastic…. vive el huevo!!!!

  5. Ben

    After several drinks at Chez Henri I was talked into trying a Bourbon Flip, one of the best drinks I’ve ever had and it really caused a stir in the bar.

  6. ljclark

    And by the way, Eastern Standard has a whole section of egg drinks on its new cocktail menu. The whole town’s gone eggy. Woohoo!

  7. Adam

    I got a wonderful sample of John’s “Violette Fizz” as well. My girlfriend and I looooooooved it.

    It was such a grand night with all the egg drinkers having a joyous time.

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