March 16th, 2007

Poor St. Patrick

The man was a saint, and this is how we celebrate him: Last year on St. Patrick’s Day, I went to Bukowski Tavern in Cambridge because I knew it wouldn’t be as crowded as an Irish pub and there would be no deedle-ee-dee music. I just wanted a few beers. As the place started to fill up, a line for the toilets formed. I took my place in the girls’ line, which was face to face with the boys’ line. At one point, the men’s room opened up, and the guy who was next turned to a damsel in drunken distress and made her an offer: “You take the toilet, I’ll take the sink?” In they both went, as the horrified and amused people who remained in line visualized the scenario. The peeing couple came out a minute later, and the men’s room door once again swung open invitingly. Having just witnessed a great new way to impress a lady, the next guy in line turned to the girl facing him and simply gestured as if to say, ‘Well, how ’bout it?’ With an ‘are you kidding’ expression, she answered, “I don’t think so,” thus mercifully nipping this custom in the bud.

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3 Responses to “Poor St. Patrick”

  1. MC Slim JB

    Wow, heinous — just heinous. I suppose tales from the dark side of the drinking life have to be occasionally aired, especially if they serve as an admonition to stay home on Amateur Nights like St. Paddy’s. Of course, some places are just magnets for vile drinking behavior, anyway. I remember an early visit to the now-mercifully-shuttered 711 in the Back Bay, where the mens room had vomit all over the sinks, probably undisturbed from the previous night. (Note to self: in future, beware any restaurant/bar/club that names itself after a convenience store.)

  2. ljclark

    Oooh, 711. Sorry I missed a visit to that place.

  3. Br. Cleve

    Many bartenders I’ve spoken with now agree that St Patricks Day makes New Years Eve seem like childs play, as far as the amateur night thing goes. Probably a Boston thing. People were so drunk and stupid they were requesting songs that I was actually PLAYING while they were asking for them. Somebody stole the door to the stall in the mens room where I was working. Hope it looks good in their apartment. Talk about giving alcohol a bad name! Sometimes I think they should check IQ’s along with ID’s. Ah, but whaddya gonna do?!

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