January 3rd, 2007

drinkboston toasts Martini Republic

Forgot to tell ya — drinkboston.com got a nice mention on Martini Republic a couple of weeks ago. An L.A.-based, multiple-blog site on drinks, culture and politics, Martini Republic is on our list of wicked good web hangouts.

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  1. joseph

    Well, hurray for us!

    BTW, Lauren, I was wondering what you think of this list of mine at LAist? I don’t think even the editor there noticed I snuck in 11 drinks, even though it’s a top ten…

    Idea for this week: French 75. Lots of people have extra, even open bottles of champagne and sparkling wine. Might as well put it to good use, eh?

  2. ljclark


    I like that your list goes up to 11. Love the post-New Year’s French 75 idea. Unfortunately, I went through all my champagne drinking these on New Year’s! Here’s what I think of “Joseph’s Top Ten Cocktails from 2006:”

    10. The Vesper – This is what James Bond and I will serve at our wedding.

    9. Campari on the rocks – I like Campari but just can’t take it straight. I need a splash of soda or gin or whatever.

    8. The Jack Rose – Provided that fresh citrus and homemade grenadine are used, this drink is unassailable.

    7. The Dirty Stoli Martini – I’m so glad you listed the Dirty Martini, even though I prefer mine with gin. Seems that a lot of cocktail snobs write this drink off. FDR drank ’em, for god’s sake!

    6. The Ketel One Martini – Never had one. Not really a vodka girl. I’ll take your word for it.

    5. The Mojito – I agree that this is a classic, well-balanced drink with good ingredients. I have to admit that, personally, I am turned off by the big chunks of mint leaf.

    5. The Manhattan – The barometer of a good bar.

    4. The Cuke – I remember reading about this in the NYT, I think. Sounded intriguing. Have yet to try one.

    3. The Tom & Jerry – Can’t get enough of these when it’s cold out. Had one two nights ago at Boston’s No. 9 Park.

    2. The Bloody Mary – I love Bloodys. My thing with them, though, and Ted Haigh will back me up here, is that I wish to god that some bartenders would make the old-time simple version of a Bloody: vodka, tomato juice, Worcestershire, lemon, and Tabasco in a rocks glass. This is such a nice departure from contemporary, horseradish-clogged, pint-sized version.

    1. The Sazerac – I am finally a grownup. I can drink these now. It took me a long time to get used to the taste of the Pernod, but now I really appreciate this cocktail.

  3. joseph

    Agreed on the bloody mary. When I order one, I almost always call how I want it made, without garnish.

    Campari is simply a matter of taste. My body seems to respond to digestifs in a way that renders them almost necessary once a week. Your system may not require such an infusion.

    And I love to gift bottles of Campari: almost nobody ever has it, and the host rarely drinks any of it before the next time I come over! I must be working all alone on ten bottles of the stuff now owned by other people around town!

    Besides, the bags are really beautiful, as is the stuff itself. Between Campari, Green Chartreuse, and Pernod, you have enough electric color drink even in the dark.

  4. Stephen

    i take my bloody marys back to the “red snapper” bloody marys have become synonimous with vodka and cocktail sauce….red snappers are still pure and delicous….

    my mix is about the tomato…with the tiny addition of hot peppers and tobasco….

    i actually use vodka from the freezer just because i don’t like the ice break down watering my mix too quickly….

    and then the Acadiana “rim job”…. Acadiana is the term for all things Creole so the glass is rimmed with salt, peppercorns, ground coriander, and cayanne….


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