November 14th, 2006


Launch - crowd lived its motto, “bars, bartenders and imbibing in Beantown,” last night at its launch party at Green Street in Central Square, Cambridge. Friends, bartenders and journalists packed into the bar area sampling vintage cocktails and snacking on Clams Casino. So many of Boston’s best bartenders were there that I got a little nervous about having all that talent gathered in one place should some freak disaster strike. Thankfully, we all made it through the night unscathed but for some light liver damage.

Launch - Dylan, Misty, JoeFour guest bartenders presented and served four different vintage cocktails: Jackson Cannon, the Jack Rose; John Gertsen, the Sazerac; Misty Kalkofen, the Widow’s Kiss; and Brother Cleve (cocktail historian, member of Combustible Edison, Ambassador of Cocktail Nation), the Millionaire. Dylan Black, owner of Green Street, was my co-host, and Joe McGuirk backed everyone up behind the bar. Stay tuned for more info, including recipes of the evening’s cocktails.

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  1. Br. Cleve

    Congrats to for a succesful (hic!) launch, and many thanks to those who attended and listened to our spiels.

    I do want to give credit where credit is due — the band Combustible Edison was founded by a gentleman named The Millionaire (along with the fabulous Miss Lily Banquette), a stout fellow who has drunk a number of Millionaire cocktails (#’s 1, 2 3 & 4) on numerous occasions. He is also the creator of the Combustible Edison cocktail, the El Splendido (on the B-Side’s list since it opened), the Saturnalian Sling, the 3-D, and numerous others. He also charted the First Manifesto of The Cocktail Nation, which you can find on-line. I’m simply the Nation’s current traveling ambassador.

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