June 7th, 2006

Periodista Cocktail at Eastern Standard

Eastern Standard’s cocktail menu just keeps getting bigger and better. It now takes up a whole page and is divided into categories like Standards (which are actually newly invented drinks like The Rat — Fernet Branca and Coke, named after the beloved rock-and-cheap-beer joint that used to occupy ES’ spot on Comm Ave.), Coolers, and other categories based on the drinker’s mood or mealtime plans. One recently added classic cocktail is the Periodista (aka “journalist”): Myer’s dark rum, fresh lime juice, Marie Brizard Apry (apricot liqueur), and a dash of orange liqueur, perfectly chilled and served in a gorgeous, delicate, rounded cocktail glass. This is a drink that can class up any summer afternoon, transforming you from just another pale-legged Sox fan snacking on cod cakes before the game to a bon vivant in cool linen waiting for a beautiful, suntanned stranger to step through the door.

B-Side Lounge in Cambridge also does a nice version of this drink, and they get credit for being perhaps the first bar in greater Boston to serve this cocktail in modern times (as in post-1963).

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