April 20th, 2006

Hooch for the Hummer driver

“Diamond-studded martini runs a cool $3,000” is the headline of an Associated Press article that ran in the Boston Globe on April 15. Foxwoods casino’s new “signature” cocktail is called the Sapphire Martini and costs three grand. It’s an icky-sounding concoction — blue curacao, Bombay Sapphire gin, and a splash of dry vermouth in a martini glass whose rim is coated with blue sugar (what “signature” cocktail doesn’t come with a sugared rim these days?) — but that’s beside the point. You presumably won’t think about how this drink tastes when your Hummer-driving sugardaddy orders it for you. That’s because it’s garnished with a pair of custom-made blue sapphire and diamond earrings, set in a sterling silver pick.

The article explains, “With the unveiling of the four-digit cocktail, the casino’s new Mezz Ultra Lounge joins a growing list of bars and restaurants around the world offering pure decadence in a glass. Luxury trade experts attribute the rising popularity of premium cocktails to a greater number of educated drinkers of all ages and a wider variety of spirits and liqueurs.”

“Educated” isn’t the word I’d use to describe someone who goes to Foxwoods and spends $3,000 on a pair of earrings because they’re soaked in blue gin.

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